Visual indication of Overrides being set on phone hardware

David S

Inside of SNAPbuilder, after clicking the 3-dots and choosing Additional Phone Settings, the Overrides box shows the text-based configuration overrides. Since many of these settings have significant effect over phone operation, button config (not reflected in SNAPbuilder), and yet the setting is not obviously located and not easy to know if anything is set, it would be helpful to have one or more of the following displayed somewhere in the system:

1. A visual indicator that some sort of Overrides are set on a given phone--this would be great from inside SNAPbuilder, from the phone hardware list, from the extension's hardware tab--would be helpful to have some indication that Overrides are in play so technicians are aware before stomping on buttons in SNAPbuilder. This could be an extra column, could be a color-code on the Edit button (though I have a color-blind tech, so I'm aware that this isn't as useful for everyone and I'm sure accessibility would need to be top-of-mind in the UX), or some other indication I'm not thinking of.

2. Would be nice to also have a link to pop up and edit the Overrides (or maybe the whole advanced config) without getting into SNAPbuilder, which would make editing Overrides simpler than drilling all the way through SNAPbuilder every time, especially if the changes are unique to a few phones and not deserving of a SNAPbuilder template, which I know also contains and applies overrides (and we use this pretty heavily a few places). This is a lower priority to me as technically, the Edit button on the Inventory->Phone Hardware list brings up the same config (though you have to switch to the Advanced tab so it's not as discoverable--would love some sort of direct link to Advanced, or to the Overrides specifically, or to have the Overrides box moved to the Basic tab, which would be much handier but a bigger ask...).